Types of massage techniques and benefits

Massage is beneficial for your muscles – no surprise there – but it can also be good for your ligaments, tendons, internal organs and skin. There are literally dozens of massage therapy techniques, each one focusing on a different area.

Some are novelties, less common and more intriguing to the general public, but there are many tried-and-true methods as well. All of these types can deliver positive results for your body, mind and soul. Continue reading “Types of massage techniques and benefits”

Amazing essential oils for relaxation

Essential oils have made an insurgence in the homeopathic community over the last decade, although they have long been used to treat a variety of ailments and physical symptoms, including allergens found around your home, like in your carpets.

With many people feeling an increase in their stress levels due to busier lives, more work and demanding needs of children, parents or other dependents, it is crucial that we have ways to unwind whenever possible. Continue reading “Amazing essential oils for relaxation”

Great home spa options

There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into a hot tub or letting your mind drift away as you steam in a sauna on a relaxing vacation, so imagine how nice it would be to have such luxury at home!

Installing a hot tub, spa, or sauna in your home isn’t a new idea. The rich and famous have been enjoying these deluxe amenities for decades. But with the cost of these items dropping drastically and the installation and maintenance becoming easier, now regular folks can also enjoy the many benefits of a home spa. Continue reading “Great home spa options”

Best types of massage for sore back

When you have sore muscles in your back, you know that there’s a big difference between a ‘back rub’ and a massage that specifically targets those muscles, loosening them up and getting you back to your normal activities.

Each type of massage is suited for a particular purpose, and one may work better than others on your sore back. If possible, try each of these to see which one alleviates your soreness best. Continue reading “Best types of massage for sore back”