Massage Oils: Types and Added Benefits

Massage therapists know best. They make use of special massage oils to bring forth the feeling of rejuvenation that each and everyone asks for. Massage oil is one of the most important agents used in every massage session. Basically, the use of massage oil as a therapeutic tool stems from the notion that when the body is rubbed dry, the friction created will start to generate heat and pain in the body. The heat and pain that can be felt throughout the body is what will aggravate wind or the so-called “vata” element, which in turn can disturb the gasses present in the body. So to avoid this friction and eventually disperse heat throughout the body, the massage oil is applied.

Massage Oil Benefits

As used in the science of massage therapy, the oils are the best additions to a relaxing and healing experience. They don’t only bring you into such a relaxing state in the course of the massage session but they trigger healing, so to speak. There is nothing new in the use of oil because it has been practiced since time immemorial. In fact, the great men Plato, Homer, and Socrates had mentioned in their writings the benefits of the oils in assisting in the relief of body pain. The latter is also one of the main reasons why oils are utilized during the execution of massage. Other benefits of which include the enhancement of the skin condition and of course, the improvement of the overall health.

There are other benefits that the massage oil can provide. In one of the most recent researches, it was found out that the oil acts and serves as a nutrient for the skin. It helps to strengthen and boost the nerve fibers that are attached to the hair follicles, and most of all, it allows the skin to be resistant to whatever kind of environmental pressure and temperature there is. What’s more nice to know is that massage oilhelps to cure dryness of the whole body, so it’s no wonder that many people applied massage oils to their navel before going to sleep for that purpose.

Massage oil also has something to do with the wellness of the nervous system. Experts have noted that when the oil is applied to the skull and junction of the spine, what happens is that the oil calms the entire nervous system, leaving the system functional. And, didn’t you wonder that most of the elderly today apply massage oil to their head? That is because the oil has the power to strengthen the memory of the person and improve vision.

Types of Massage Oils

Is there a particular guideline in selecting the oil to be used during the therapy itself? Well, it is best to remember that people’s skin type varies. One kind of oil may be safe for one but it may irritate another person’s sensitive skin. There are also individuals who may not find the scent too pleasing to their sense of smell.

More so, when choosing the oil it is important to get those that are expeller-pressed or cold-pressed. They have gone through an extensive processing so they are known to last longer. Likewise, you may combine the essential oils of your choice but just ensure that they will produce a good scent. Your massage therapist is likely to ask you of your preferred combination.

For massage therapy, you have a wide range of options. Stated below are the various oils that are commonly used.

  • The sweet almond oil bears the anti-inflammatory components. It is light and applicable generally for many skin types. It works best for people who have dry skin.
  • The apricot kernel oil is known to employ balance in the skin. It heals the prematurely aging skin too.
  • The avocado oil is defined as heavy so it is important to dilute it in lighter oil.
  • The Castor oil is sticky and thick yet is best in drawing out the toxins. It is best used to treat the scar tissue.
  • Coconut oil has to be warmed first. It treats cracked skin.
  • Emu oil is good for sore muscles, arthritis, eczema, and bruising.
  • Grapeseed oil is safe to use because of its non-allergenic components.
  • Jojoba oil and kukui nut oil contain anti-bacterial elements.
  • Olive oil provides relief to stiffness due to its warming effect.

In the end, massage oils are simply therapeutic. They can soothe your tired and tight muscles. And they are also able to make you feel better emotionally and mentally.

Massage Lotion: What You Need to Know

In massage therapy, one of the most commonly needed ingredients for an ultimate massage experience is the massage lotion. I bet you all know what a massage lotion is. It is marketed throughout the world as a cosmetic preparation created to soothe or refresh the skin. Well, in the field of therapeutic massage, the massage lotion is regarded as a function alternative to massage oil. It is even deemed as one of the very important component of a deep tissue massage and other non-slip and stimulation massage techniques.

Types of Massage Lotion

Several types of massage lotion are manufactured and marketed all over the world nowadays. Perhaps one main cause for such ever growing production of massage lotion is the fact that lotions have a non-greasy formula that makes the medium glide, but maximum friction massage perfect. The massage lotion also provides the chance for the therapists to have absolute control over the manipulation without unwarranted drag on the skin. This is what basically allows to the skin to be free from the pangs of bothering tension and stress.

The benefits don’t just end there. A massage lotion greatly works to condition the skin throughout the massage procedure. It conditions the skin in a way that it doesn’t absorb quickly into the skin. Also, many massage therapists use a combination of lotions for the actual massage. Well, the reason behind this use is that the blends of massage lotions are said to be well-balanced, providing a unique glide into the skin with enough pressure. This is what actually makes the blends of lotions ideal for the deep tissue massage.

Additional Benefits

Besides, a massage lotion can be a great tool to use for relaxation purposes. It’s no wonder then that most of the massage therapists who do much lighter techniques use a massage lotion during the procedure. This is also in line with the belief that a massage lotion has the tendency to provide a maximum glide, without feeling sticky and with an excellent workability. To sum it all up, a massage lotion is ideal for massage therapy as it allows the therapists to have a good grip for the deep tissue technique, and it opens up a way for skin lubrication. What’s more, a massage lotion serves as a protection from any harmful friction to the skin.

Will you use massage lotion?

Most of the marketed personal care products today contain ingredients that are suspected to cause degenerative disorders, like cancer. It is then best to read the labels of the products first before using them to your own skin. Simply read the ingredients of the massage lotion you are considering and test it if possible. In addition, it’s highly recommended to use natural products instead of the artificial ones. The proof of this is also the labels. And, it is very important to know your skin type and figure out what lotion is best for you. As simple as that!

Massage Types

Have you ever wanted to go for a massage therapy session but didn’t know what type of massage to get? Massage therapy is a very diverse field of work and there are many types of massage to choose from that range from full-body stress relief to highly targeted methods that relieve muscular pain and dysfunction. Here are a few of the most popular massage types: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Chair massage, Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Aromatherapy Massage.

Types of Massages

Swedish Massage

One of the most common massage types in the United States and perhaps the world in a Swedish Massage. Swedish massage is known for its long gliding strokes, kneading strokes, friction strokes, and percussion as well as joint movements that feel great while improving range of motion. It’s most often thought of as a “spa” type of massage but it’s much more than that. Swedish massage is great for reducing stress, improving circulation, improving range of motion of your joints.

Hot Stone Massage

Another popular massage type is a hot stone massage. This type of massage is probably the most relaxing and luxurious massage being given today. Heated basalt stones are added to the massage and are used by the massage therapist to perform a mini heat treatment as well as gliding massage strokes that seem to melt away stress and tension.

Medical Massage

During Medical Massage the massage therapist treats specific muscular and connective tissue problems with techniques directed at achieving favorable client outcomes under the supervision and written orders of the client’s physician. Your therapists usually works through advanced training in the assessment of soft tissue dysfunction and treatment. They also work with your doctor to relieve your pain, improve function and range of motion in your joints.

Deep Tissue Massage

Similar to a Swedish Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage is one of the best known and most often requested types of massage. This massage shares some strokes and techniques with Swedish massage and is used to root out chronic tension in the deeper musculature and connective tissues that contribute to pain and loss of range of motion in joints. While some massage therapy practitioners use a heavier, sometimes uncomfortable pressure in Deep Tissue Massage it should be noted that a more moderate pressure can reach deep tissues and achieve great results with little discomfort.

Aromatherapy Massage

Another interesting massage type is the Aromatherapy Massage. This style is a very relaxing and therapeutic massage incorporating the healthy benefits of massage. The powerful effects of essential oils for an incredible effect you’re going to love. Depending on your needs the massage therapist will adjust the massage and the varieties of essential oils for the desired effect.

All of the massage types can help you receive a variety of health benefits. Of course, there are many more massage therapy techniques available that are relaxing, stress reducing, and that relieve chronic tension and pain. You actually don’t have to know what type of massage to ask for, you just need to know what you want to achieve. Do you just want to relax? Reduce muscle soreness? Relieve pain? Improve posture? Ask your massage therapist what they recommend for your particular health needs and get massaged today.

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